Sunny Ridge

In these columns, we’ve already looked at several pils. And we notice that there is a wide variation of characters or taste in this highly typified style. Our posts illustrate it — see, among others: Eku, Scrimshaw, Primus, Bofferding, and the most recent: Gold Fassl. Ingredients, dosages, or know-how of course explain these differences, but we often forget preservation and tasting conditions. A pils maintains its flavor if protected from light and consumed cold (but not below 8°C – 46°F).

I found this very good-looking pilsner clean and assertive. I found a good barley character and nice mineral notes. But, I’m slightly disappointed with this beer brewed by Jack’s Abby Brewing (Framingham, Massachusetts) because I found its bitterness a little unpleasant and rather strange. Personal taste, or bad preserving conditions? I’ll be cautious and opt for the second choice.