Primus, on Tap

The name Primus is associated with beer in several countries – the Czech Republic, Mexico, Germany, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, etc. But the Belgian one interests us here, because it’s produced by a family company – the Brouwerij Haacht, located in Boortmeerbeek (province of Brabant). In fact Primus is the last “independent” pils beer among the country’s big brewers.

This beer is named in honour of Jean Primus I, duke of Brabant (13th century), who must have appreciated this beverage, since he granted privileges to the brewers. Bottom-fermented, as is proper, this 5.2% ABV beer has a well-balanced flavour which starts sweet and malty to finish slightly bitter with hoppy notes. It’s made to refresh, and has only one requirement: to be served at 3° C (37° F).