Westvleteren… From XII to VI

The Cistercian Abbey of Sint-Sixtus (Vleteren, West Flanders, Belgium) is little known in itself in the world of beer. On the other hand, its Westvleteren XII is well known and sought after by all the world’s beer lovers. The first paradox…

The abbey produces three beers: Westvleteren blonde (with a green cap) — 5.8% ABV; Westvleteren 8 (with a blue cap) — 8%; Westvleteren 12 (with a yellow cap) — 10.2%.

Westvleteren Blond (also sometimes called VI), the “little sister”, is rated no less than 99 on ratebeer… And, nevertheless, it stays in the shade of its big sister. Nothing to be done, that is how it is. A second paradox…

As you know, these Trappists are difficult to obtain; they’re sold essentially at the abbey, and in limited quantity (the price to pay for success… I did find some in Lisbon, however, and even in St. Petersburg). I found this one in Bruges.

My first impression? This blond is great. My second impression? This blond is sensational. My overall impression? The least famous of the three Sint-Sixtus Trappists is a blond at its finest.

Thus, dear friends, when you’re trying to get your hands on a Westvleteren, don’t forget to pay attention to its little sister, with her clean malts and wonderful grassy and herbaceous hops. Believe me, you won’t regret the remarkable balance and nice snappy bitter finish.

How is it possible to ignore this ale?