Hybrid Gaelic Beer

It seems that in ancient gaelic Cuirimi means beer. And it seems that the name of this beer derives from this etymology. Unfortunately, it seems especially that our second beer from Carlow Brewing Company (Muine Bheag, County Carlow, Ireland) is a little bit disappointing compared to the wonderful Irish Pale Ale we had enjoyed last year.

The brewery’s website announces this beer as “somewhat of a hybrid” of a Belgian Witbier and a German Weissbier, “brewed closer in style to the German variety.” But… and there is a but… Ratebeer assigned a rating of 23 to this 4.3%-ABV “Gold Celtic Wheat Beer.” That’s severe… but it’s the concrete illustration of a faint taste with a light body and a thin texture.

It’s a curious beer we have here. Neither really Belgian nor German in style (not even appearance), it rather gives the impression of being a lager-like beer! Simple and smooth, with a hint of fruit, hearty notes, grainy malts… but in low dosages.

I feel like saying that this is a beer for barflies, one that doesn’t offer much more than being anonymous. When we consider the high quality of the previous Irish Pale Ale, it’s hard to understand…