Flying Dog Pale Ale, for Cascade Hops Lovers

After a Hefeweizen –In-Heat Wheat– from the Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD, USA), I discovered this Classic Pale Ale which, it seems, is the brand’s true flagship product.

This year-round beer (5.5% ABV) is as hoppy and dry as you’d expect. In the hop department, what we have here are Cascade, Simcoe, Citra and Northern Brewer. The last, often used in English ales, is undoubtedly the least known. Flying Dog called on it to limit the bitterness of the other three, supported by the Crystal 120L malt, which lends a complex caramel flavor.

In fact the floral side of the Cascade reigns without contest in the glass, slowly balanced by the biscuit savour of the malt. The set remains crisp. It’s a very enjoyable offering, but I regret a certain citric stickiness clinging to the palate.