Dampf Loc

We’ve already had the opportunity to meet a Dampfbier from Bavaria, where this type of beer was originally made. It’s quite a rare type, whose American version is the only truly regional beer in the USA: Steam beer.

Steam beer spread at the time of the Gold Rush. In the West, it was difficult to refrigerate lagering tanks; steam brewing offered a compromise solution. The beer was fermented at the same temperatures as ale (20°C-70 °F), but with top-fermentation yeast. Nevertheless, this beer has fallen into disuse.

Local Option (Chicago, Illinois) proposes a modern interpretation of the style. This beer (brewed at Dog Brewery, Maryland), very malty on the palate and very herbal on the finish, will undoubtedly satisfy those tired of certain highly hopped beers. An enjoyable experience for fans of caramelization.