A Little Hacker Named Duvel

Apart from Belgium, we can say that this Duvel is almost unknown – not to be confused with Duvel Green/Draught, available in the US and UK. The one that interests us here is only available in Brussels and around the brewery, based in Puurs (province of Antwerp, Belgium).

Launched in the 1960s to meet the needs of a lighter beer – its notorious big sister titrates 8.5% ABV, this one 7.5% – it’s offered in a 250-ml bottle.

Frankly, it’s less spectacular, but remains strongly typed. Its purpose is to be fresh, bright, dry, easier… although some consider it a sacrilege to cut the reputed advantages of a Red Duvel in this way. But these days, true session offerings are on the rise. However, this Green Duvel remains confidential due to its limited distribution… A pleasant counter-current from a little hacker that doesn’t usurp its name.