The Empire Strikes Back?

Moor Beer of Somerset, England, UK feel that the Americans have become a bit too flashy and show a bit too much swagger when it comes to IPAs. You’d almost think the Yanks had invented the style.

So Moor set out to teach the Rebels a lesson about hops with this unfined IPA called Return of the Empire. (Unfined beer, I can take the time to tell you here since we’re sipping one together, has no isinglass cask finings added. What are finings? “An acidified aqueous suspension of collagen derived from the swim bladder of certain fish, along with sodium metabisulphite” which causes suspended yeast particles to flocculate – clarifying the beer, but, some say, removing the golden cloud of nobility. I agree with Moor that it does not read like something I’d want to ingest too much of.)

The quest entrusted to this 5.7%-ABV ale is to reclaim England’s fame by brewing a superior IPA – and, mind you, with native English hops. Has it succeeded? I can see from the smile on your lips as you lick away the foam that you agree this is a fine beer indeed. The weapon of choice for winning back England’s honour is of course the hops, but the malt supports their glory, past and future, like a faithful squire his lord.