Spanish Mystery

Although it’s labelled a Saison, this beer is classified by many as a “Belgian Strong Dark Ale,” which is not really a style. In its alcohol content (9% ABV), this Untildead differs from the Saison style and is closer to a strong ale (a name not even used by Belgian brewers). Perhaps we should call it rather a “strong dubble.”

Nothing about this beer resembles a Saison — neither its hazy dark-brown body nor its aroma, of molasses and toffee. I would use four words to describe this beer: malt, alcohol, sugar, and raisin — raisin, because this Untildead has the uniqueness of containing cava yeast.

A somewhat mysterious beer, bordering on a truly assertive style, brewed at Cervesera Alcoiana (Alicante, Spain) for Nómada Brewing (Sabadell, Spain). But a complex product, low in carbonation, quite sweet, oily-textured, with a long, fruity finish. Certainly very different from what Spanish brewers usually offer.