Bittersweet Awesome Mixture

Within the female flowers of the hop plant are resin glands that themselves contain three components: essential oils and alpha and beta acids. Three fundamental chemicals for the final result that will produce a particular beer.

The name of this beer, Alpha Centauri, refers to the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus, but also to the alpha acids that contribute to the bitter flavour — judging from the IBU rate of 100, the theoretical maximum bitterness.

This 9%-ABV imperial IPA (or DIPA) proves, however, to be quite cautious about its bitterness. The main reason for that is the blend with the malts, which is awesome. And the result is a surprisingly sweet DIPA, deliciously tasty, between tropical fruity hop notes and melon-bread malts. One more surprise: The alcohol content is practically undetectable.

A pretty efficient fermentation made by Hop Valley Brewing (Springfield, Oregon, United States), founded in 2009 by Ron Howard, Trevor Howard (brewmaster), Charles Hare, Jonas Kungys and Jim Henslee.

Gentlemen, thanks for this offering!