Passauer Weisse

For over half a millennium, Passau (Lower Bavaria, Germany), where the Danube flows, has been an epicentre for wheat beers. Thus trying a beer of this style from this town should be ambrosia flowing down from Mount Olympus…

I have to say, I unfortunately never had the privilege of tasting the drink of Greek Gods. So, I transposed with this Passauer Weisse produced by the Innstadt Brauerei, founded in 1318 — in other words, a pioneer in the brewing of wheat beer.

Ambrosia? Just about, because it has already been said that it was the favorite drink of German kings. And, the appearance of this hefeweizen is just perfect, the smell is quintessential. It’s crisp, sharp and smooth, with an adequate amount of spice. This 5.3% ABV wheat is very refreshing, but I did not know that the ultimate drink lacked a bid of body.