Ottenbräu Helles Lager

“Helles Lager” is a type of lager and means “light-coloured.” In Bavaria, initially, this term was intended to distinguish it from “Dunkles,” or dark beers. It’s totally inspired by the brewing process developed by Gabriel Sedlmayr in the mid 19th century in Germany, in particular in Munich — a process which stabilized the lager type and influenced Josef Groll, who produced Pilsner Urquell.

This one contains 5% alcohol by volume – in the ABV range of the style (from 4.5% to 5.5%). The colour is pale, the aroma very low in terms of hop and bitterness. What especially emerges is a malty, grassy sweetness and a bready yeast flavor. I appreciated the well-carbonated mouth-feel and a refreshing citrus dash.

The Ottenbräu Brauerei is located in Abensberg (Lower Bavaria). You must be aware that this locality is a traditional brewing centre in the hop-growing area of Hallertau — the largest hop-planting area in the world. Nevertheless, as I said, it’s the malt that stands out here…