Lost Abbey Devotion Ale

“Ale” is a generic term for top-fermented beers. And this one is indicated as a Belgian ale – a style which became clearer during the Universal Exhibition in Liège in 1905, with the purpose of fighting the growing influence of English ales. Today’s Belgian style was born, and it’s still a reference that continues to inspire today.

In the United States, where creative brewers are not in short supply, it seems that trying this style is almost a requirement. The Lost Abbey Brewing Company (San Marcos, California) did not escape this inspiration. And, as is well-known, American brewers are not in the habit of simply copying.

With its wonderful dry spiciness, with its citrus peel and tangerine taste, it’s more precisely a Season ale. Well balanced, soft, slightly sour, with a nice sweet-bitter-grassy finish, this beer is simply noteworthy.