IPAs by Founders

The first beer we enjoyed from Founders Brewing (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) was an IPA (All Day IPA), which has a rather low IBU rate for the style at 42 IBU. (We remind you that the IBU — for International Bittering Unit — scale is a standard for measuring the bitterness of a beer.) This Centennial raises the bar with 65 IBU.

A decade ago, I would have said that that rate was at the limit for the style. Today, I would place it at a high average, particularly since we are here talking about American IPAs, far more hoppy than the English IPAs. And I believe that year by year, the palate gradually gets used to the powerful upswing of bitterness.

For the exercise, I tend to appreciate the balance of the final outcome — for example, the maintenance (protection) of the malt which, let us keep that in mind, contributes to the quality of the body. In this regard, there are wonderful beers that push the bitterness without forgetting the counterweights.

42 IBU on the one hand, 65 IBU on the other… And Founders has delivered two models of balance. Two beers that are at the same time classic and modern.

This Centennial perfectly contains its high numbers (7.2% ABV). While this beer is floral and resinous, with a lot of citrus accents, it also has a malty character which, combined with the dry hopping, results in a pretty outstanding taste.

Definitely, this Centennial is worth a try — sure to lead to more.