Gorgeous English Job

No doubt about it, this is the kind of can that draws attention. I reached out for it and bought it even before knowing what was in it. Well done, guys!

I raised the issue of labels a short time ago, in a post in which I mentioned Keith Shore, Mikkeller’s designer (see “In which we don’t talk about the beer…”). Well, it seems that Nick Dwyer, Beavertown’s designer, has worked with Shore. No coincidence. A new generation of artists has brought a much younger look to a somewhat rigid world.

Beavertown Brewery’s seven founders turned the corner of professionalization in 2014, to settle in the district of Tottenham (London, England). This began with experimental brews — called “Alpha Series” —, with a clear objective: keep things simple. “We want our drinkers to enjoy every aspect of the Beavertown experience and that is why our unique artwork forms an integral part of our philosophy.”

This Gamma Ray APA (5.4% ABV, 55 IBUs) belongs to the next generation, that of asserted choices. I believe it was intended to confirm the first; that way, things remain simple.

And they were right, because their brew is quite successful. The nose is fantastic, and the rest offers no denial. Styles are open to discussion and debate. For my part, I think that with this beer the English have an IPA that can play in the same schoolyard with those of the American West Coast.

And not only does it play, it beats many of them. I won’t add more. Try it and see!