Funky St-Feuillien “Blonde”

The Brasserie St-Feuillien (Le Rœulx, province of Hainaut, Belgium) was established in 1873 by a woman, Stéphanie Friart — at the time that was really unusual —, and the Friart family is now in its fifth generation. (We’ve already tasted one of their beers.) The name applies to an old monastery, but we have here a so-called “abbey beer,” produced under the name of this defunct abbey.

This 7.5% ABV “Blonde” is their key product, designated “World’s Best Abbey Pale Ale” in 2010 in London, and is in fact brewed at the Brasserie du Bocq (Namur) to avoid dealing with overlarge investments.

This golden-coloured strong ale presents a magnificent fresh and dry mouthfeel with a fairly typical Belgian ale taste. At first malty and bready, this beer develops an earthy hop bitterness which nevertheless releases an overall round smoothness. An excellent, well-balanced brew with a lively carbonation. A day-in, day-out beer with an invincible price/quality ratio. And a very nice start for a funky evening…