Everything It Takes To Become A Classic

Here we sit with a torpedo! A hop torpedo. An essential-oils concentrate. A missile of aromas and flavors, the fuselage of which is certified “Extra IPA.” With such a label, one would expect a very bitter result. Well… no.

The development of this beer was oriented entirely toward controlling and reducing bitterness. This involved the use of dry-hopping (rather than postfermentation) specifically to bring out the non-bitter tastes.

What are the hops? Magnum, Crystal, and Citra. Magnum, typical of lagers, is generally used for bittering, and that’s its role here (controlling and reducing doesn’t mean cancelling). Crystal, typical of IPA, is spicy and floral. Citra, also typical of IPA, is, as we’ve often noted, all about lemon and tropical notes.

In fact, this Extra IPA is a balancing act – evenly distributing oily resin and residual bitterness. And it works well. It’s an aggressive beer that spends its time watching its power. For that, there is another tool – its malts: Two-row Pale and Caramel.

Spicy and crisp yet sweet, this Torpedo is very refreshing despite a too-slight tingle of carbonation. But then it was no simple task to produce an everyday Extra IPA. In any case, it’s no surprise that it comes from one of the most influential breweries in the craft-beer universe — Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. For further details about them, click on the Breweries tab and find the posts we’ve devoted to them.