BFM Bats, a Marvel for Malting Lovers

I hope it will not be one of those… I mean: I hope it will be one of those small breweries that will not be redeemed by a powerful industrial colleague.

I say this because on the one hand, it’s a movement we hear more and more about (this one was bought by… this other one was bought by…) and on the other hand, because I have always appreciated the production and the state of mind of this small brewery.

The Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM) was created by Jérôme Rebetez in Saignelégier (canton of Jura, Switzerland) after winning 50,000 Swiss francs in 1997 on the TV show Le rêve de vos 20 ans (“Your Dream at 20”). That same year his dream came true – he founded his brewery, which immediately distanced itself from the mass market by producing atypical and complex beers.

In this respect, nothing has changed. The brewery has evolved, for sure, but the state of mind remains intact and honest in its approach.

Let’s take this beer: Bats, a marvel for malting lovers.

This 6%-ABV beer will even please, I think, all those who not really appreciate dark beers. Simply because it’s made with subtlety. All the flavour of smoked and peated malts (supported by Lapsang Tarry Suchong tea) is soon balanced by beautiful notes of liquorice, grass and pepper. Nothing is too strong and everything develops smoothly to end in a dry finish. It’s an eminently aromatic beer, an exercise in style to discover.