Battin Extra

Here is our second beer from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a small country (55,0000 inhabitants) with three independent brands (Bofferding, Battin, and Simon). In truth, Bofferding and Battin are two labels of the same brewery — the Brasserie Nationale, born in 1975, which in 2005 purchased Battin, founded in 1937 in Esch-sur-Alzette.

Wedged between Germany and Belgium, the country has been historically more influenced by Germany as regards the style of beers. There is mostly Pilsner, Vienna, Hell or Dunkel… So this Battin Extra is almost an exception since what we have here is a Belgian ale.

With strong notes of pale malts and bready yeasts, and with a spicy alcoholic bitterness in the finish, this medium-bodied ale is not really overly complex. A very decent drinkable beer, but not exceptional. I would call it a consensual beer…