Anarchy in Germany? A Craft Beer Made It!

From Max Stirner to Rudolf Rocker, quite a few have thought about and even tried it. But, historically speaking, we cannot say they were really successful. Yet, against overwhelming odds, a beer has just made a big splash with a small stone! Anarchy is now in Germany. Unbelievable!

Its raised red fist, in this case in particular, makes an excellent tool of visual communication for the “Hop Anarchy” emblazoned on the label. But what kind of beer deserves such a logo?

It’s a “cold-sheltered IPA, dominated by lack of domination, which is characterized by its lack of politics and in the best sense supports the idea of purity,” the brewery’s website explains.

Gee! …

This 6.5%-ABV beer comes from the Lippstaedter Brauerei Thombansen (Lippstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia). With Perle, Chinook, Cascade, and Herkules hops, we’re far from chaos. While the first three are stars, the latter is quite recent and has been appearing more and more in recent years.

This robust and spicy German hop imparts hints of pine, citrus, currant, and melon. With its 12% to 17% alpha acids, it’s there for bittering. And it’s kind of nice, because this is absolutely not a bitterness bomb, but rather a splendidly well-balanced and fruity beer with an unexpected sweet aftertaste.

So, drink it with fist closed and raised if you feel like it, but drink it especially for what it is: a very interesting German interpretation of the IPA style.