A Tiny Brewpub in Seville

Seville is a splendid city with a rich artistic heritage, which attracts many tourists from all over the world. The city also attracts thanks to its climate — dry and hot, and sometimes very hot. Many people are looking for a welcoming terrace to quench their thirst after a long walk or a museum visit. In my experience, the tables of these terraces are the realm of industrial beers — mainly Cruzcampo (Heineken, based in Seville), and Alhambra (Carlsberg).

Of course, I looked for something else.

It wasn’t easy. Between recommended bars that had definitely closed and those that had apparently taken their annual leave, there was not much to be found in October.

At last I found the Maquila Bar, located at Calle Delgado 4, near the Alameda de Hercules (named for the mythological founder of the city). And inside this bar-restaurant — and I mean ’way inside, at the back — nestles a microbrewery (and the term “micro” takes on all its meaning here).

The place has existed since 2014, and offers a limited choice — its own craft beers, called “Son”, on tap, and pulls pints of a few others, craft and organic. When I was there it was not yet time for dinner (a pity; it is said that the dishes are famous).

I tasted two of the three Son proposed: a 4.5% Helles, and a 5.3% APA. The first was described as “Rubia, Ligera, Melosa” (blond, light, honeyed), and the second as “Citrica, Lupulada, Floral” (citrus, hoppy, floral). The first was quite respectable; the second really liked me — a very good, refreshing APA with a good citrusy character and a medium-dry finish.

A “must visit” for all those who want to avoid the biggest-selling beers in Spain.