A Maine Tribute to a Belgian Genre

White beers come from Belgium and Germany – from Bavaria to be more exact. They were termed “white” –“wit” in Flemish and “weiss” in German – because “wheat” has the same etymological root as “white”. And indeed, they are brewed with a strong proportion of wheat, malted or not.

In Belgium these beers are often light – approximately 5% ABV. They are top-fermented and unfiltered. The taste is a little acidic, and thirst-quenching. As in the Middle Ages, herbs are added.

I mention the Belgian ones because Allagash White is made in the Belgian style. It’s light, crisp, fruity, and spiced with coriander. This very light-yellow beer is amazingly refreshing. A great success.

Allagash Brewing Company started in 1995 in Portland, Maine. It was founded by Rob Tod. Allagash White was the company’s first release, and is still the flagship brand.