The Taste of Mahogany

English people would call old ale this Arrogant Bastard Ale. Americans baptized this type of beer “American strong ale,” and certainly not by chance. This (unofficial) style category is essentially for ales above 7% ABV, generally aged in barrels, and coloured between amber and dark brown. In fact it’s a convenient name for labelling what doesn’t fit within another existing style.

It’s a kind of new, uncharted land, one that requires a sense of adventure to explore. Yet, reading “Arrogant Bastard Ale” switches us to alarm status… In any case, one thing is certain: This beer is not for beginners. In fact I’d bet that novices will hate this sophisticated brew!

It’s a perfumed and expressive 7.2% ABV ale, at first clearly oriented toward malts and which develops — above all and with the support of hops — a soapy bitterness and a nice velvety mouth feel.

Don’t let the label impress you — there are far more aggressive DIPAs and TIPAs. This beer from Stone Brewing Company (San Diego, California, USA) is not evil. It’s gentler than it wants to announce. Try it if you want to discover the taste of mahogany.