Not Only for Opera Lovers

2013 celebrates the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi. So I didn’t hesitate to choose this Verdi Imperial Stout, whose label depicts the composer wearing a top hat. In his time, beers of this type were already being drunk - strong and dark, exported from England to the court of Russia.

Of an opaque black colour, this stout releases a taste of roasted malt and a dark chocolate bitterness. Its particularity lies in the use of chili pepper, really present in the background. And, for a stout, the carbonation is quite high. So, try this intense beer while listening to the Drinking Song from La Traviata, “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici” which means “Let’s drink from the joyful cup” (special thanks and cheers to Musopen!)

Established in 2007 by Giovanni Campari, the Ducato microbrewery is located in Roncole Verdi (Emilia-Romagna, Italy), Giuseppe Verdi’s place of birth…