Nola’s Mechahopzilla

Enjoy the art on the tall boy can for Nola Brewery’s Mechahopzilla while you can. Toho, the Japanese film studio that made the Godzilla movies including 1993’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla claims that “NOLA unlawfully attempted to take advantage of the popularity and public recognition achieved by Toho’s fictional characters for the purpose of attracting attention to itself and its beer brand.”

If Nola is forced to abandon the name, it’s a shame because it’s appropriate for this big, bulky, hyper-malty double IPA. Mechahopzilla boasts a hefty 8.8 percent alcohol content, but it isn’t obvious. The nature of the beer makes it something you sip, but the rich bitterness is balanced by citrus and a light fruitiness. Mechahopzilla is an odd choice for a tall boy can because the beer is neither improved nor damaged by gradual warming, nor do new flavors reveal themselves over the course of a pint. Still, it’s a cost-effective choice since a can or two will last you the night.