Malty Cellar Beer

The Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf (Reckendorf, Bavaria, Germany) was founded in 1597. In the early 1950s, its annual production was 400 hl; now it’s 25,000 hl. For more than three and a half centuries, it remained a very small unit. Its purchase by Georg Dirauf in 1952 changed everything and allowed the brewery to survive — formerly, the Land of Bavaria teemed with hundreds small secular breweries. That number has strongly decreased today. A familiar story…

This 5% ABV Keller-Bier — literally “cellar beer” — gets its recipe from the Middle Ages. It’s a beer rich in yeasts, thus in essential minerals and B vitamins. In Germany, this type of beer is often served directly from the barrel.

Typical of Franconia (a region annexed to Bavaria), this Keller-Bier is full-bodied and well balanced, but releases a bizarre earthy smell. Light and sweet, without any bitterness, slightly spicy at the end, this beer is characterized by a long-lasting malty taste that will delight enthusiasts.