Isaac, from Le Baladin

It takes just seconds to understand that this Italian wheat beer is a cousin to Belgian witbier and not to German Weizenbier. It’s visible to the naked eye, and even if you’re blind the nose will tell you. The aroma is fruity, floral, spicy; you almost feel like you’re drinking liquid banana with orange zest…

This 5%-ABV Isaac is a little peculiar. It’s almost sparkling at first, and then quickly proves to have very low carbonation. Neither crisp nor dry, it’s rather oily and mild, and even a little bit grassy. It’s a “cool” straightforward beer with one little defect: its price.

Created by Teo Musso, the Birrificio Le Baladin was originally located in Piozzo and is now in Farigliano (Province of Cuneo, Italy). We’ve already encountered this innovative brewery.