If You Haven’t Run to It Yet, Do It Now!

I think we’ve only ever talked about the same beer twice on this website on two occasions. It’s because we particularly like a beer, because we want to make it known, because we would like to share it, if only for a short post.

This time it’s Extraomnes Zest, whose previous post was titled “Extraomnes Zest. Run to It!” I was already under the spell of this dynamic beer!

To understand the enthusiasm it arouses, all you have to do is go to the page dedicated to this beer by ratebeer.com. The overall rating is 96. That speaks for itself.

Zest is produced by Extraomnes microbrewery, launched in 2010 in Marnate (province of Varese, Italy). Three years later, its creator and brewmaster, Luigi “Schigi” D’Amelio, officially became the best brewer in his country. Deeply influenced by an initiatory journey to Belgium, he founded the beginnings of his production on four beers of Belgian type: a Blond, a Saison, a Triple, and a Brown. Directly followed by this 5.3%-ABV Belgian Pale Ale.

This man produces only beers whose personality he appreciates. As he says “I would never produce a weizen, for example, because if I did not love them I would not understand even if I did well.”

That can be felt when you taste this beer. This is not an “exchangeable” beer. It belongs to the category of irreplaceable ones. For me, it’s the very definition of a high-end product.