A Beer from Cognac

When we say “cognac”, we are undoubtedly thinking of one of the world’s best-known varieties of brandy or eau de vie, named after the town of Cognac (Charente Department, France). I’m safe in guessing that no one associates the name with a beer. And yet…

Yes, and yet – because here is a particularly successful beer which, while it won’t be able to compete with cognac in terms of notoriety, could however create a place for itself in this essentially wine-producing region.

Atlantic Blonde comes from the Brasserie des Gabariers, located in Cognac. A brewery founded in 1998, and then bought in 2008 by Didier Berthelot.

It’s a blonde ale, 5% ABV, with a moderate malty and fruity aroma. Under the palate, we have a thin texture and a slightly astringent sensation supported by a soft carbonation. The overall impression is that of a fair blond, made to quench your thirst during hot weather. A well-balanced beer, without any artifice, and whose simplicity is its main asset. Taste it, and you’ll see, it’s very well made.