Deep Red Hue

This seal likes amber ale – copper-red-amber craft beer, I mean; hence its colour…

This seal wanders on the banks of the West Coast, where the American amber ale style originated. In this particular case Fort Bragg, California, where the North Coast Brewing Company, founded by Mark Ruedrich in 1988, is located. And it’s not unusual to see this animal standing at the counter of the brewery’s pub to order a glass of this particular beer… (I swear!)

Our seal has taste. This ale (5.4% ABV) has a pleasing aroma and develops a persistent fresh flavour in the mouth, which indicates a strong character. Despite 42 IBUs, this beer is not so bitter. The attack is frank, rather malted, but we realize very quickly that it’s generously hopped.

I would not say it’s a simple beer, but an easy beer – easy to drink. That applies to many well-crafted products: We believe them to be simple when in fact they are complex. This ale has some substance, as its exceptional length shows. This Red Seal is first-class, from start to finish, including the aftertaste, where the sweetness of the malts plays with the spices of the hops. And that’s a major achievement.